Roxio EZ Print & Share

Where are my Print & Share Photos Located?

All of your photos are still stored on your computer.

Depending on the version of your software, they will be in a folder labeled "PhotoShow", "Our Pictures", "EZ Print & Share", or a variation of any of these names. The folder will be located in either your "My Documents" folder, or your "My Pictures" folder. When you open the PhotoShow folder, you will see multiple other folders, some of which have years for the name (2006, 2007, 2008, etc.). All of your pictures are organized by date within these folders.

How do I Upload to

Simply login to your account and click on "Upload Photos" on your account Help menu at the bottom of the page.

Upload Photos

Step 1:
Choose a collection to upload your photos to, or optionally create a new collection to upload to. Once your collection is selected, Click on "Upload Photos".

Upload to Collection

Step 2:
Click "Browse" to locate the photos on your computer. Depending on your version of EZ Print & Share, your photos could be in a few different places. Navigate to "My Documents" and look for a folder labeled "PhotoShow Print & Share" or "Our Pictures Print & Share" or even "RitzPix Print & Share". Within that folder, you should see additional folders labeled by year: 2007, 2008, 2009, etc. Your photos are in these folders. Select your photos to continue your upload.

Note: If you do not see a "Print & Share" folder in "My Documents", try searching your "My Pictures" folder.

After selecting your photos, choose an upload speed. We recommend "Large Upload" so you will have a full resolution archive of your photos online.

Choose an Upload Speed

Step 3:
You're Done! All your photos have been uploaded to Now you can rename, Rate, Comment, share and edit your photos!

Edit and Share Photos

I have a lot of photos! Is there anything easier?

Yes! Try Google Picasa! Picasa Organizes your photos just as EZ Print & Share did. You can also order prints and photo gifts at your local Ritz Camera store, right from Picasa!

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