Photo Mounting and Laminating

Photo Mounting and Laminating

Have a photo enlargement or poster print you want to display? Ritz Camera & Image offers photo mounting and laminating services in store! Mount your picture and protect it from bends and tears. Picture mounting is perfect for our Deep Matte Prints, the photo holds it's shape and keeps it's bright "No Glare" surface.

Protect your photo enlargement by having us laminate it for you. Protect your print from the elements. Over time a print can fade, yellow in color, get torn if not properly handled, or any number of things can happen. A laminated photo is more durable, lasts longer and just looks nice! Turn your matte print into a glossy print! For added protection, you can have your enlargement mounted and laminated. It's Protected, and perfect for display.


  • In Store Only
  • Mount and Laminate up to 24x36"
  • Mounting on 1/4" Foam board
  • See store associate for more details

1 Hour in Store!

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