Photo Scanning Services

Photo Scanning and Archiving

Many of us have old photos laying around, whether they are in albums, boxes, or just piled somewhere, they are taking up space! Over time, old photos fade, tear and disintegrate if not properly stored and losing a precious memory is not something any of us want.

Bring in your old photos, let us scan them and make a CD or Data DVD of all your stored photos. Our photo scanning service allows us to scan photos from wallet size, up to 8x10. The best part is your memories get preserved and stay safe!

Photo Scanning Services

The RitzPix Scanman service allows you to back up your old photos, slides and negatives to a CD or DVD. Bring your old photos into any of our Ritz & Wolf Camera & Image store locations or use our easy and secure shipping service to send your photos. Once received, we will convert those old photos, slides and negatives to high resolution digital files and back them up on a CD or DVD all with the great customers service and attention to detail you expect from the Ritz & Wolf brand. A RitzPix Scanman CD or DVD also makes a perfect gift to share, display and save life’s greatest memories.

Ready in as little as 1 Hour* in store!
Photo Scanning & Archiving by mail also available. All photos scanned 100% in the USA!

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Photo Scanning

Print Scanning

Preserve your precious photo memories on disc for generations to enjoy. All photos scanned at 300 DPI.

From $0.12 (Fill-A-Box)

Negative Scanning

Negative Scanning

Back up your old negatives on CD or DVD! We scan 35mm, APS, 110, 126, Medium Format (120/220), Large Format and Kodak Disc Film.

From $0.39

Slide Scanning

Slide Scanning

Archive your old Black & White and color slides on Disc. Preserve the color and clarity before your memories fade! We scan 2x2" Mounted Slides, Medium Format Slides, and Large Format Slides.

From $0.45

Photo Album Scanning

Photo Album Scanning

Precious family photos stuck in an old album? Don't risk harming your photos removing them! We can scan full photo album pages at 300 DPI so you have a digital back up of all your photos!

From $35.00 (Album)

Fill-A-Box Photo Scanning by Mail

Fill-A-Box Photo Scanning makes preserving your photo memories easy. Just send us your photos, we will scan them and save them on CD or DVD, and return them to you. Fill a box with up to 1,500 photos, and pay one flat rate for photo scanning. You pay shipping to us, we pay shipping back to you! Learn more at RitzPix Scanman Photo »

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