Video Editing Services

We will edit your video tapes, printed or digital images and digital video into a professional, high quality video. We use the latest state-of-the-art video capturing, editing and exporting technology available to make your videos the best they can be.

Here are just a few of the services offered:

Video Duplication, Organization & Consolidation
For example, we will organize all of your child’s birthday party video footage and still images into one professional video!
Sports Highlight Reels
We can create a montage video set to music including some of the best and most inspiring moments of your competitions.
College Recruiting Videos
We will utilize attention grabbing graphics and other visual effects such as slow motion and digital zooms to note your position on the field/court/pool and highlight your action! Combined with title cards or overlays to display your athletic metrics (height, weight, speed, etc.). This reel will have everything you need to show the recruiters what you can do!
DVD Transfers / HD Video to DVD
From a simple transfer to consolidating or removing specific footage.
“Super MyShow” DVDs: Premium Photo Slide Shows
Much more than a standard MyShow DVD! Our standard MyShow DVD consists of a maximum of 300 images, a short title (on the menu), and the choice between about 12 different songs. A Super MyShow offers a wider selection of musical choices and up to 550 images, can be created in Standard or High Definition, 4:3 or Widescreen and output to DVD, Blu-ray, or even optimized for upload on the web.
Home Movie transfer
We will remove your video’s blank spaces, add titles, music or even voiceovers to your footage.
Video highlights and memories for events
Perfect for anything from Mitzvahs to Weddings
Memorial Videos
Create a video tribute to a loved one, incorporating still images and video footage celebrating your family's memories together. We can also use titles or overlays to display favorite poems, quotes, song lyrics, or religious verses.
Video Post-production
Let us put the final touches on your video project, music video or film.
Video to JPEG: Create Photos, even Photo Books from your Videos!
Capture still images from your video files! Ritz Wolf Video Editing Service can take your old home movie footage and create a series of jpeg files you can use to make prints - or even Photo Books!
Audio Tape & Record Conversion
Convert your old (non-commercial) records and audio cassette recordings into MP3!
PowerPoint Conversions
Convert your PowerPoint presentation into a digital video. We can convert your video, PowerPoint slides, and other materials into an exciting video resume, or presentation. Tell us how you want to illustrate your goals or information and through the use of editing, inclusion of music, titles, attention grabbing graphics, or simple animations - like growing graphs or self-drawing blueprints - we can create everything you need to make your presentation more exciting and successful.
Format Conversions / International Conversions
Convert virtually any media format into virtually any electronic media format, from North America's NTSC format to Europe's PAL or vice versa. Do you have video you want to share with friends or family in Europe? We can transfer and create DVD's they can watch!
DVD and CD Duplication
Create multiple copies, even in multiple formats. We can even transfer (non-commercial) cassette tapes to CD or data discs for iTunes players.
Video Tape Repair
Don’t throw away that damaged tape! We can repair and transform it to a digital video you will love.