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(6D) 4½x6" Digital Prints

4½x6 Print

Our "6D" print is one of the Ritz Exclusive sizes offered as part of our Big Print You print line up. A "6D" is a 4.5x6" digital print which is formatted to give you a full frame print from your digital image. Many small point and shoot digital cameras take pictures in a 4:3 Aspect ratio, which is great for a standard computer screen, but if you want to print a 4x6" print, you end up with a cropped photo. Order a 4.5x6" print instead and get the WHOLE picture!

What is 4:3 Ratio?

Aspect ratio is the shape of your photo based on the length of each side. For example, a square 8x8 print has an aspect ratio of 1:1 because both sides are of equal length. Standard 35mm film has an aspect ratio of 3:2 which is great for 4x6 prints which have the same size ratio, but not if you shoot digital. Most small digital cameras have an aspect ratio of 4:3, due to the small sensor size, and most digital cameras take photos that are formatted for your computer screen which, unless you have a widescreen monitor is also 4:3 ratio. If you like getting the whole photo with no cropping, try ordering these print sizes: 4.5x6 Photos, 8x6 Photos, 8x10 Prints & 16x20 Prints.


  • 4:3 Print Ratio
  • Available with or without classic white border
  • Printed on Glossy or Matte finish photo paper

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Ritz Camera Photo Processing

All of our Ritz Camera and Wolf Camera Photo Labs produce Camera Store Quality prints and enlargements you'll love to share. In store we also offer many picture frames to accent your photos, you can also have your enlargements Mounted & Laminated. With almost 100 years in the photo industry, Ritz Camera is a name you can trust with your memories.