Picasa is a FREE Photo Editing Software from Google

Easy to Organize
Google Picasa automatically scans your PC for photos. Wherever they are, they will be added and organized to your photo library.

Name Tagging
Tag your photos with the names of the people in them! Easily sort and organize photos based on who is in the picture.

Geo Tagging
Easily add geo-tags to your photos and view them in Google maps so you can remember exactly where you've been.

Easy Editing
Improve photos with easy one-click fixes, tuning and effects. You can also correct red-eye, color and lighting!

Be Creative
Google Picasa allows you to createfantastic slideshow and photo collages, and lets you add text to your favorite photos!

Order Photos & Gifts
Easily order RitzPix prints, enlargements, photo gifts and more right from Google Picasa, and pick them up at your local Ritz Camera store!

Create a free account - unlimited storage!

We offer free, secure, unlimited storage for all your photos. You can even save your creative products to return to later or edit and reorder!