Create our own photo stamps with RitzPix Custom Mailing stamps

Custom Photo Stamps

The next time you check your mailbox, you may see some one you know. Really! has partnered with to offer you REAL postage stamps with your pictures on them.

Make your own personalized postage stamps with a favorite snapshot, portrait or even an Instagram photo to send out your photo wedding cards, personalized gifts and so much more! Imagine seeing the face of friends, family and loved ones when they open their mailbox and see your face smiling back. Picture stamps are great for thank you letters, Baby Announcements and Graduation Invitations. Have a business? Order custom photo stamps with your business logo and build your brand!

Personalized photo stamps can be ordered in multiple denominations. Whether you need to send a postcard or a package, you can get the right postage for your photo stamp!

Starts at $19.40 for a 20-stamp sheet!

Create Photo Stamps


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