Glossy Aluminum Panels

Metal prints for your wall are a unique way to display your photos
Metal photo prints make the perfect wall decor with their elegant, modern look.
Our aluminum photo prints are perfect for showcasing your favorite photos in a unique, new way.

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About Aluminum Photo Panels

  • Photo in infused on high gloss white aluminum for brilliant color, striking contrast and a 3-D like depth
  • Each aluminum panel includes pre-installed float mounts for easy hanging on any wall. Wood blocks provide "floating" effect when hung.
  • Large aluminum features an inset float mount frame with a nail groove, smaller sizes (8x10 and 8x20) include a wood block float mount.
  • Protective coating is added for durability
  • Rounded edges

High Gloss Aluminum Prints

Looking to enhance your decor with unique wall art. Look no further than our Chromaluxe prints. They’re durable and have a contemporary look making them the ideal choice for updating any drab wall in your wall. Upload your favorite photo or even a scanned image file of your own artwork and have it custom printed on metal for the best in brilliant colors, 3-D like depth, and a lustrous shine that is unsurpassed in the world of traditional wall art!

Choose Chromaluxe Prints For Durability

In addition to being an elegant decor accessory, our aluminum photo prints stand the test of time! Made from quality metal, each print has a protective coating sheltering it from scratches, water, and every day wear and tear. Accidentally scuff it? Buff it out easily with a microfiber cloth and go about your day! Our metal photo prints allow you to preserve your best memories for years to come so they can be enjoyed by future generations! Don’t let your photographic treasures sit unappreciated on your phone or hard drive. Upload them to RitzPix and print them on quality aluminum to keep them alive!

High Gloss Metal Wall Art For The Best Quality Reproduction

With their high gloss luster and white base, your photos will appear more brilliant with striking contrasts and a 3-D depth you can’t get with regular photo paper prints. Our inks are infused into the white aluminum panel and covered with an ultra durable protective coating so your photos look life-like and crystal clear. After displaying them on your wall, your photos will look more like a window into the world as opposed to hanging wall art. Furthermore, they’re easy to hang from any wall in your home so you can update your decor in minutes after receiving your order!

Custom Printed Wall Art With Easy Installation

While our high gloss aluminum prints don’t include a frame, they can be hung with the pre-installed float mount. Your favorite photo will appear to hover on your wall for that unmistakable, contemporary look. Moreover, you can hang them up in minutes just like any gallery wrapped canvas or framed print. No special tools are required!

Upload Any Photo And Turn Into Picture Perfect Wall Art For Your Home

Our white gloss metal prints are ideal for any printing any photo in your collection. Make you took a stunning sunset photo during your last trip to the mountains. Maybe you have a cute snapshot of the kids at the beach. Or, you have a favorite photo from your wedding that you’ve been meaning to print. These are all amazing moments that can be celebrated with our 3-D like metal prints! It doesn’t matter whether they’re color or black and white. The contrasts and clarity are unsurpassed by regular paper prints. Bring any subject to life!

Home Decorating Ideas

Chromaluxe photo prints look great in virtually any home! Display them above your sofa in your family room for a splash of color and hang them in your formal living room for a more sophisticated, gallery like feel. Wherever you showcase a metal panel print, it’s sure to grab the attention of friends and house guests. Maybe your living room is in need of an update. Why not use a favorite natural landscape photo to brighten up your decor. Our metal prints appear to float on your wall with our specially designed hanging hardware. Not only will be you be preserving and showing off a treasured photographic moment, you’ll be updating your home with character and color!

Make Wall Art From Photos For The Perfect Gift

Everyone loves photos. From formal wedding portraits to candid snapshots of your pet, photos evoke memories and bring treasured moments from the past to life. Take your favorite digital images and turn them into a work of art for a one-of-a-kind gift that everyone will love. Maybe you’re looking for something special to give Dad on his birthday. Or, you want give your sister a unique housewarming gift to brighten up her new home. No matter the occasion, our aluminum prints are guaranteed to fit the bill. Upload photos from your phone, Facebook, or your hard drive and choose a size to get your project started. Our project builder lets you place and center your photo so you can customize it to perfection. Chromaluxe prints make the perfect gift since they can be displayed anywhere and go with any decor! Make one today and create a gift for a loved one that they’ll cherish for a lifetime! RitzPix is your one stop shop for custom photo prints and photo printing delivery! We offer photo prints enlargements with photos delivered to your door step!

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