Photo Ornaments and Keepsakes

Pewter Ornaments

2011 Commemorative Pewter Photo Ornament

Save the Date with this beautiful Commemorative Pewter Photo Ornament with etched back!

$19.99 Each

Round Ball Ornaments

Round Ball Photo Ornament

Add a photo to this porcelain round ball holiday ornament. Decorate your tree and commemorate the year.

$12.99 Each

Snowflake Ornaments

Snowflake Ornament

Add your photo to this porcelain snowflake ornament and decorate your tree with memories!

$12.99 Each

Doily Photo Ornaments

Doily Photo Ornament

Relive those precious Holiday Moments each year with a Doily Photo Ornament. Start a tradition and create a Photo Ornament each year!

$12.99 Each

4x6 Photo Acrylic

Photo Acrylic

Immortalize a memory with a 4x6 Photo Acrylic. Let us laser etch your favorite photo so you can display your memory for ages!

$39.99 Each

Etched Marble

Etched Marble Keepsake

Display a cherished memory with this laser etched marble. Make a memory last for generations, and keep it on display for as long as you like.

$39.99 Each

Photo Gift Box

Photo Gift Box

This beautiful Cherry Photo Box with color ceramic tile on top makes a perfect gift for anyone. This is great for a bed side table, or as a small jewelry box.

$34.99 Each

Photo Keepsake Box

Photo Keepsake Box

Immortalize a memory by having it laser etched onto a ceramic photo tile and added to this beautiful keepsake box.

$49.99 Each

Personalized DVD Case

DVD Case

Store your favorite home movies in this personalized DVD Case! This Aluminum DVD case has your photo laser etched on the surface and includes a black felt insert to hold your disk.

$24.99 Each

Photo Ornaments & Keepsakes
When you take a picture, you are capturing a moment you want to last. For those special occasions, why not order a photo keepsake or photo ornament to help make the memory last for years to come!

Start a Family Tradition!
Each year when you get your family together to take pictures for your Holiday Photo Cards, order a photo ornament as well! Build your Christmas tree with photo ornaments and family portraits taken throughout the years!