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Create your own photo package with RitzPix wallet prints. Turn your photo into a set of 4 wallets. Just order a single print and we will send you 4 wallet sized pictures printed on a single sheet. Each wallet print can easily be trimmed with a pair of scissors. What is the standard wallet print size? They measure 2×3 inches and can fit easily into your wallet or even a scrapbook! Need a size up? Order 4×6 digital prints for your album or make copies to share! At RitzPix you can order walled sized pictures and have the wallet size photos delivered to your door! RitzPix has a wide array of print options including photo poster collages and personalized scrapbook pages that you can use to preserve your memories for future generations!

What size are wallet photos?

If you were are searching for what size are wallet pictures, wallet size prints are 2×3 inches and are printed on 4×6 sheets. This wallet photos small form factor makes it perfect for you to bring with you wherever you go. Wallet sized pictures serve a variety of purposes. They can be an excellent addition to a fun DIY project. Or they can serve as a beautiful memory to take with you wherever you go. At RitzPix, getting your wallet sized prints is quick and easy with our custom photo builder. When searching print photos online delivery select wallet sized pictures. Wallet sized prints are the perfect way to keep your loved ones or photos of cherished memories with you wherever you go. Wallet print size is a 2×3 and will fit in any wallet photo slot. You can order wallet photos and print photos delivery to your home in high quality! Print a wallet size photo to have in your denim wallet photo print!

Wallet Size Photo Print Details

  • 3:2 Photo Ratio
  • Set of 4 Wallet Size Prints per Page
  • All Photo prints available in glossy finish
  • Wallet Sized Pictures & Wallet Size Photos
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