8x10" Digital Prints & Enlargements

8x10 Print
Order 8x10 Enlargements

8x10 prints are a perfect enlargement size that has been around for many years. The size was originally used as a portrait size to better frame people from their shoulders up, as the photography world advanced, the size has remained a constant favorite of all. If you shoot with a small Digital Point and Shoot Camera, an 8x10 print is the perfect enlargement size so you won't lose any of your image.

Shoot film, or with a DSLR?

Try ordering an 8x12 print so you can get the entire photo with no cropping!


  • 4:3 Print Ratio
  • Available with or without classic white border
  • Printed on Glossy, Matte, Deep Matte, or Metallic finish photo paper
  • $4.99 Each ($3.99 Mail Order)*

*Professional Finishes such as Deep Matte or Metallic may cost extra.

Ritz Camera Photo Processing

All of our Ritz Camera and Wolf Camera Photo Labs produce Camera Store Quality prints and enlargements you'll love to share. In store we also offer many picture frames to accent your photos, you can also have your enlargements Mounted & Laminated. With almost 100 years in the photo industry, Ritz Camera is a name you can trust with your memories.