Are you a Photo Sharing Social Butterfly?

Young woman playing on her mobile phone

Online photo sharing is now a part of our everyday life. Many sites like Facebook, Flickr & Twitter help connect friends and users making it easy to upload and share photos with everyone you know. With almost 2.5 billion photos being uploaded to Facebook each month, it can be hard to find the BEST pictures from the most reputable sources. Are you an influential social photographer?

Olapic is company that uses user generated content from social sites to help drive traffic and engage visitors on other sites. It can be hard to find good, engaging photos for use on other sites, so Olapic developed an algorithm to “rank” photos based on a users share frequency, “Likes”, favorites, and comments within a 21 day time frame. This ensures that only the most engaging photographs, uploaded by the most influential photographers are used.

How do you Rank?

Olapic has created a website where users can register using their online social accounts and see how the quality of their photo sharing ranks with the best of them. scores users based on their online photo sharing habits. Each user is ranked on their “Reach” or how many photo fans they have, their “Activity” or how much photo sharing they do, and the “Quality” of their photos, or how popular they are based on Likes, favorites, comments, etc.

How much influence do you have online? Join Photorank and find out how you rank!

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